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Welcome to

Freebies 4 Catholics!

Blessed Lord Jesus, this site is dedicated to you and the conversion of souls. Blessed Mary, pray for us!

If you are interested in submitting a freebie, please e-mail me.  If you are interested in advertising on this site or in the newsletter, it is very affordable for businesses and free for charities.  See the "Deals" page for business advertising and "Charities" page for charities advertising (scroll to the bottom of the page).  E-mail me for rates.
Check out my other sites: Our Lady's Prayers for Peace featuring handmade rosaries and chaplets with a lifetime guarantee, and Beadwork by Heather Hall , where you can see my other beadwork and jewelry.

The purpose of this site is to help Catholics find great freebie deals and help Catholic organizations get the word out about their deals. I also wish to teach people about the Catholic faith and point them in the right direction for the proper information about our glorious faith. If you ever have any questions, about freebies, or about the Catholic faith, please feel free to e-mail me, and I will do my best to get you an answer or point you in the right direction to one.

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Send me a blank e-mail with "Freebies 4 Catholics" in the subject line to sign up for my FREE special freebie alerts! Don't miss out!

The alerts let you know when the web-site has been update with new freebies and give you the heads up on where to find those new ones!  It will also have stories of the Saints whose feast days we are currently celebrating, special prayers, interesting facts you may not know about the church, and much more! Sign up and get freebies and a spiritual pick-me-up!

About the Newsletter:

We had a newsletter, as many of you know.  It hasn't gone out in a long time.  The main reason is that most of the e-mail programs were recognizing it as SPAM and sending it back to me.  It was becoming a big waste of my time and very frustrating to see almost all of the e-mails undeliverable due to the high number of links in them.  So, as a solution, I will be mailing out alerts instead.  An "alert" is sent when the web-site has been updated and new freebies added. 

To help insure that you receive the alerts, adding me to your address book tells your e-mail program that I am a friend, not SPAM.  My address is

The other reason for the discontinuation of the newsletter, is that my husband is very, very ill.  He is basically an invalid now.  With having to take care of him and all the duties around the house and all my other responsibilities, a weekly newsletter has become too much.  So, please do not get mad at me if the web-site is not updated as often as you would like. 

Thank you all for being so understanding.  God bless you all!

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Welcome to my site. My purpose here is to help increase devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ as Our Lady has asked. This is a Roman Catholic website. I fully subscribe to the Roman Catholic Church and his Holiness, Pope John Paul II.

Dear Holy Father, we pray for you!

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